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Discover the Top Coffee-Producing Nations Around the Globe

Published February 28, 2024

“Which country produces the best coffee” does not have a specific and easy answer. Because each person has their own taste and preferences, coffee may taste good to one person but not to another. Finding the best coffee globally is not easy either. In this article, Baguette & Coffee will introduce to you the countries that produce the best coffee in the world, helping you gain more information and understanding about famous specialty coffees.

Jamaica Coffee

Famous for its rich, delicate flavor and gentle sourness, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is known as the “queen of coffee”. This type of coffee is grown in the high Blue Mountain region with a cool, foggy climate all year round, creating a unique flavor that cannot be mixed with any other type of coffee.

Cà phê Jamaica

Ethiopia Coffee

As the origin of coffee, Ethiopia owns Arabica coffees with diverse flavors, from sour, fruity to richly bitter. Ethiopian coffee is often roasted using traditional methods, giving it a rustic, original flavor.

Brazil Coffee

Brazilian coffee is the largest coffee producing country in the world. Brazil provides a variety of Arabica and Robusta coffees with rich flavors. Brazilian coffee usually has a mild sour taste, balanced with bitterness, suitable for the taste of most coffee lovers.

Cà phê Brazil

Madagascar Coffee

Famous for its aromatic flavor, characterized by a sour taste and a sweet aftertaste. Madagascar coffee is grown on the island of Madagascar with unique climate and soil conditions, creating a unique flavor.

Columbia Coffee

Colombia is known as the “land of Arabica coffee” with the world’s largest export output of premium Arabica coffee. Colombian coffee is famous for its balanced, smooth flavor, mild acidity and sweet aftertaste. Thanks to special climatic and soil conditions, along with advanced farming and processing techniques, Colombian coffee is always highly appreciated by experts and coffee lovers around the globe.

Costa Rica Coffee

Costa Rica is a country that produces high-quality Arabica coffee with a unique, delicate flavor. Costa Rican coffee often has a sour, sweet taste, with fruity and floral aromas. Thanks to the application of sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods, Costa Rican coffee is always highly appreciated for its quality and health safety.

Cà phê Costa Rica

Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of Robusta coffee with a rich, strong flavor. Indonesian coffee often has a bitter, slightly sour taste and a passionate aroma. This type of coffee is often prepared in Espresso or Americano style to fully express the characteristic flavor.

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is famous for its rich, strong flavor, mixed with a slight bitterness and sour taste. Popular for its reasonable price, suitable for many people’s tastes. In particular, Vietnamese iced milk coffee – a drink made from rich black coffee, condensed milk and ice – was honored to be ranked 2nd in the list of the world’s best coffees.

Cà phê Việt Nam

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Hopefully this article has provided you with useful information about the countries that produce the best coffee in the world. Try to experience and explore unique coffee flavors from different countries to find the type of coffee that best suits you.