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Top 5 best Vietnamese coffee shops in Singapore you couldn’t miss

Published February 5, 2024

When thinking of Singapore, people often envision a modern, bustling island nation adorned with skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, and top-notch amusement parks. However, beyond its prosperity, Singapore boasts a unique coffee culture, notably Vietnamese coffee. With a sizable Vietnamese community residing here, 5 best Vietnamese coffee shops in Singapore serve as indispensable cultural institutions, offering a familiar and close taste of their homeland.

General introduction to Vietnamese coffee in Singapore

Coffee was introduced to Singapore by the Vietnamese in the 19th century. Initially, coffee was retailed in traditional Vietnamese coffee shops, known as “kopitiam”. Over time, Vietnamese coffee has gained popularity and became favored by locals, contributing to the development of Singapore’s distinct coffee culture.

General introduction to Vietnamese coffee in Singapore

Singapore is a country with a high coffee consumption rate, averaging more than 3kg per person per year. This demand is on the rise, particularly for high-quality coffee with distinctive flavors. Renowned Vietnamese coffee brands in Singapore include Baguette & Coffee, Trung Nguyen, Highlands Coffee, and PhinDeli.

  • Vietnamese coffee has an enrich, strong and unique flavor.
  • Reasonable price comparing to other kinds of coffee.
  • Vietnamese coffee is diverse in ít recipes such as milk coffee, iced coffee or ice-blended coffee.

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Popular Vietnamese coffee shops in Singapore

The Singapore coffee market is booming with the appearance of many international and domestic brands. Among them, Vietnamese coffee shops are gradually asserting their position with unique flavors and high quality. Some famous Vietnamese coffee shops in Singapore:

  • Baguette & Coffee
  • Trung Nguyen Legend
  • The Coffee House
  • Phuc Long Coffee & Tea
  • Cong Ca Phe
  • Highlands Coffee

Vietnamese coffee brands are famous in Singapore

Baguette & Coffee

The coffee at Baguette & Coffee is renowned for its sweet, rich flavor. The coffee beans undergo a unique roasting process that captures the taste of home right in the heart of Singapore. Baguette & Coffee offers a diverse menu featuring various types of coffee, tea, baguettes, and other snacks. You can indulge in delicious iced milk coffee, creamy pate omelet baguettes, or nutritious pan bread.

Le Cafe Vie5

Inspired by traditional Vietnamese coffee shops, Le Cafe Vie5 offers diners a nostalgic ambiance adorned with vintage decorations. The café presents a wide array of coffees, teas, and other traditional Vietnamese beverages, complemented by snacks such as Vietnamese baguette and Vietnamese spring rolls.

Vietnamese coffee shop worth trying in Singapore

Trung Nguyen Chain

Therenowned coffee chain from Vietnam, Trung Nguyen, has made its mark in Singapore. Offering high-quality coffee at affordable prices, Trung Nguyen Chain provides diners with an excellent coffee experience. With multiple branches scattered throughout Singapore, the chain ensures convenience for travelers and locals alike.

Highlands Coffee

Highlands Coffee, renowned for its delicious Arabica coffee and professional service style, offers spacious and comfortable environments perfect for studying, working, or meeting friends.

Cong Ca Phe

Cong Ca Phe is a coffee chain inspired by Vietnam’s subsidy period, offering a unique space adorned with old tables and chairs, antique speakers, and propaganda paintings. Cong Coffee provides the ideal setting to reminisce about the past while indulging in delicious Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese coffee price in Singapore

The price of Vietnamese coffee in Singapore can vary based on the brand, type of coffee, and place of purchase. Generally, a 250-gram bag of Vietnamese coffee ranges from S$8 to S$15 in specialty coffee shops and online retailers.

In Vietnamese cafes and restaurants, the cost of coffee made from Vietnamese beans typically ranges from 3 SGD to 8 SGD, depending on the type of drink and establishment. One popular option is iced coffee with condensed milk, priced between 3 and 5 SGD, and readily available at many Vietnamese establishments.

famous vietnamese coffee shops in singapore

Although the price of Vietnamese coffee in Singapore may be slightly higher compared to Vietnam, it remains relatively affordable and accessible for those seeking the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee in the city.

Here are the top 5 best Vietnamese coffee shops in Singapore that you shouldn’t miss. With these recommendations, you can find a satisfying coffee shop to enjoy delicious Vietnamese coffee and have wonderful relaxing