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Vietnamese Filter Coffee: rich and unique cultural essence

Published February 6, 2024

When discussing Vietnam, it’s impossible not to mention filter coffee (cà phê phin) – a beverage that has become an indispensable part of Vietnamese cultural life. Vietnamese filter coffee isn’t merely a drink; it’s also a cultural essence, symbolizing the simplicity, humility, and richness of the Vietnamese people.

What is a Phin? What is filter coffee?

A Phin is a traditional Vietnamese coffee maker, widely used in homes and cafes. Shaped like a small cup, it’s typically made of aluminum, stainless steel, or ceramic. The bottom of the filter has numerous tiny holes, allowing brewed coffee to flow into the cup.

What is phin? What is filter coffee?

Filter coffee is brewed using a filter. It has a rich, delicious flavor characterized by a mild bitterness mixed with a sour taste. Typically, filter coffee is made with pure roasted and ground coffee, without the addition of other additives. This type of coffee is considered as the iconic type of Vietnamese coffee.

Comparing Vietnamese Filter Coffee and Espresso

Characteristics Filter Coffee Espresso
Preparation Method Using a filter, pour hot water over the coffee Using a coffee maker, compress the coffee and extract it with high pressure
Coffee proportion Approximately 20-25g for 80-100ml of coffee Approximately 7-10g for 30ml of coffee
Duration Approximately 5-10 minutes Approximately 30 seconds
Taste Rich taste, sweet aftertaste, can clearly feel the flavor The taste is dense, strong, with a fatty cream layer
Caffeine Content Approximately 85-125mg caffeine for 250ml of coffee Approximately 40-75mg caffeine for 30ml of coffee
Pricing Cheaper More expensive
Convenience Less convenient, more equipments required May use coffee machine for more convenience
Suitable for People prefer rich and traditional taste People prefer dense and strong taste

The art of brewing and enjoying Vietnamese filter coffee

Brewing Vietnamese filter coffee

Prepare filter coffee


  • For brewing filter coffee, follow these preparation steps:Roasted and ground coffee: Choose pure roasted and ground coffee with moderate smoothness.
  • Hot water: Use boiling water at a temperature of about 90 – 95 degrees Celsius.
  • Coffee filter: Select a filter that is the right size for the amount of coffee you want to brew.
  • Stirring device: You can use a spoon or coffee stirrer.

Preparation Steps:

  • Put coffee in the filter. The amount of coffee can vary depending on taste.
  • Gently press the coffee with the filter cap.
  • Pour hot water into the filter and brew the coffee for about 30 seconds.
  • Continue pouring hot water into the filter until all the coffee flows down.
  • Stir the coffee well and enjoy your freshly brewed filter coffee.

Enjoying filter coffee

Enjoy filter coffee

Filter coffee can be enjoyed in various ways

  • Hot: Traditionally enjoyed hot, filter coffee boasts a rich and aromatic flavor.
  • Iced: For a cool and refreshing taste, try iced filter coffee.
  • With milk: Adding milk to coffee reduces bitterness and creates a richer taste.
  • With sugar: Adding sugar brings sweetness to filter coffee.

Additionally, Vietnamese filter coffee can be used to prepare other beverages such as coconut coffee or egg coffee.

Buy and enjoy Vietnamese filter coffee right Singapore

Filter coffee holds a special place in Vietnamese tradition, cherished for its rich, delightful flavor and distinctive preparation process. Each cup represents the harmonious blend of pure roasted coffee beans, meticulous brewing techniques, and the essence of Vietnamese culture.

Baguette & Coffee – A sanctuary for the essence of Vietnamese coffee:

  • Pure Coffee: We exclusively utilize 100% pure Arabica and Robusta coffee sourced from Vietnam, expertly roasted and ground by skilled artisans.
  • Traditional Brewing Methos: Our commitment means brewing filter coffee with filter and hot water, preserving its quintessential flavor.
  • Diverse Choices: With a wide array of options including black coffee, milk coffee, iced coffee, and more, we cater to every palate.

Filter coffee stands as a unique cultural gem of Vietnam, deserving of preservation and promotion. It remains a source of national pride, beloved by coffee enthusiasts worldwide.​