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Vietnamese rice at Baguette & Coffee – enjoy the best ST25 rice in the world

Published March 6, 2024

Have you ever enjoyed Vietnamese rice at Baguette & Coffee? If not, this is your chance to experience the delicious taste of ST25 rice – the best rice in the world. Baguette & Coffee is a famous coffee and fast food chain in Vietnam. This place not only serves delicious cups of coffee but also brings diners Vietnamese dishes made from fresh ingredients, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

ST25 Vietnam rice was honored twice as the best rice in the world

ST25 rice, a rice variety bred by engineer Ho Quang Cua, has twice been honored as the world’s best rice at the World’s Best Rice competition held in 2019 and 2023.

This resounding achievement affirms Vietnam’s position on the international rice map, while contributing to promoting the Vietnamese rice brand to friends in five continents.

Outstanding characteristics of ST25 rice:

  • Rice grains are long, slender, white, and clear.
  • The rice is fragrant and aromatic, with the aroma of pandan leaves.
  • Low amylose content (13%).
  • Rich in nutrients, good for health.

What’s special about ST25 rice?


  • ST25 rice grains are long, slender, plump, and clear white in color.
  • When cooked, the rice is soft, expands evenly, and is not crushed or dry.

Smell and Taste

  • ST25 rice has a natural aroma, with a faint scent of pandan leaves and young rice grains.
  • When eaten, the rice has a sweet and fragrant taste. When cooled, the flavor is still retained.


  • ST25 rice is rich in nutrition, containing many vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • Low amylose content (13%) makes rice soft and easy to digest.
  • ST25 rice is suitable for all ages, especially good for the elderly, children, and people with diabetes.

In addition to the above characteristics, ST25 rice also has a number of other advantages such as:

  • ST25 rice plants have good resistance to pests and diseases and adapt to many climatic conditions.
  • ST25 rice productivity is quite high, helping to increase farmers’ income.

How to cook ST25 rice for delicious and juicy rice

1. Wash rice

  • Gently wash the rice with clean water 2-3 times.
  • Avoid washing the rice too thoroughly to retain its nutrients.

2. Measure the water

  • The ideal water-to-rice ratio is 1:1.
  • Adjust the amount of water based on your preference for soft or sticky rice.

3. Cook rice

  • Place rice and water into the rice cooker.
  • Turn on the cooking button and wait for the rice to cook.
  • Once cooked, allow the rice to cool down before serving.

Tips for cooking delicious ST25 rice:

  • Soak the rice for about 30 minutes before cooking to enhance its pliability.
  • Add a few drops of cooking oil to the rice cooker while cooking for a glossy and fragrant rice.
  • After cooking, gently stir the rice with a spoon to loosen the grains.

Enjoy delicious Vietnamese ST25 rice at Baguette & Coffee

Baguette & Coffee is delighted to offer a unique Vietnamese culinary experience featuring ST25 rice – renowned as the best rice in the world.

ST25 rice is celebrated for its subtle pineapple aroma, sweet taste, and soft grains. When cooked, it emits a tantalizing aroma that excites the taste buds.

At Baguette & Coffee, we use pure ST25 rice cultivated and harvested according to VietGAP standards to ensure health and safety. Our rice is cooked in high-end rice cookers to preserve the delightful flavor of the grains.