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Discover the traditional Vietnamese Pork Sausage Baguette recipe

Published February 10, 2024

When discussing Vietnamese cuisine, it’s impossible not to mention Banh Mi – a crispy baguette filled with fragrant grilled pork, accompanied by cool pickled vegetables and rich sauce, creating a perfect harmony that awakens all the senses.

What is Vietnamese sausage?

Vietnamese sausage is a unique traditional dish deeply rooted in Vietnamese culinary culture. Beyond its delicious taste, sausage serves as a meaningful gift, reflecting the care and hospitality of Vietnamese people.

Gio is crafted from ground pork, marinated with spices, wrapped in banana leaves or molds, and boiled. There are various types of this dish, with the most popular being pork sausage and silk sausage.

How is Vietnamese sausage baguette different from Western hot dogs?

Vietnamese spring rolls and Western hot dogs are both popular street foods loved for their delicious taste and convenience. Compared to Western hot dogs, Vietnamese baguette has some differences:

  • Baguette: Vietnamese sausage baguette uses baguette with a crispy crust and soft inside, creating an interesting contrast with the soft filling inside. Hot dogs are usually softer and have a slightly sweet taste.
  • Filling: The filling for baguette is more diverse and richer than hot dogs. Besides pate, cold meat, and herbs, Vietnamese Pork Sausage (Banh Mi Gio) also has Gio Lua or Gio Thu – a type of sausage made from pureed pork, marinated with spices, and wrapped in banana leaves. Hot dogs usually only have sausage, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.
  • Flavor: Baguette has a rich, spicy, and delicious flavor compared to hot dogs due to the use of many different spices such as fish sauce, pepper, chili, green onions, and coriander. Hot dogs usually have a sweeter and greasier taste.
  • How to eat: Pork Sausage Baguette is often eaten with hands, helping diners fully feel the flavor of the dish. Hot dogs are usually eaten with a knife and fork.

The most popular types of sausage served with baguette in Vietnam

Pork Sausage (Giò Lụa)

Pork sausage is the most commonly used type of sausage to eat with baguette. It is made from pureed lean pork, marinated with spices, and wrapped in banana leaves. Silk sausage is smooth white, deliciously chewy, and rich in flavor.

Giò lụa (pork sausage)

Beef Sausage (Giò bò)

Beef sausage is crafted from ground beef, marinated with spices, and wrapped in banana leaves. It boasts a reddish-brown color, with a chewy and crispy texture, offering the characteristic delicious flavor of beef.

Giò bò (beef sausage)

Chinese Sausage (Lạp xưởng)

Chinese sausage is a type of sausage made from pureed lean pork, marinated with spices, and dried. It has a sweet, salty, and greasy flavor profile, and it’s often grilled or fried before being enjoyed with bread.

Lạp xưởng

Fried Pork Roll (Nem chua rán)

Fried pork rolls are crafted from pureed pork, mushrooms, pork skin, marinated with spices, and shaped into balls. They are then coated in crispy flour and fried until golden. These rolls boast a crispy exterior, soft interior, and a unique, delicious flavor.

Nem chua rán (fried pork roll)

Vietnamese Pork Sausage Baguette Recipe


  • Baguette
  • Pork sausage
  • Pate
  • Ham
  • Vegetables (Coriander, Cucumber, Green Onion)
  • Chilli sauce, mayonnaise

Công thức làm bánh mì giò Việt Nam


1. Prepare ingredients:

  • Wash the herbs, cilantro, and hope the green onions.
  • Wash the cucumbers and slice them thinly.
  • Cut the pork sausage or pork sausage into thin slices.

2. Make Pork Sausage Baguette:

  • Cut the baguette into small loaves.
  • Make a cut along the length of the bread.
  • Spread pate inside the bread.
  • Place the pork sausage or pork sausage and cold meat into the bread.
  • Add herbs and cucumbers to the bread.
  • Add chili sauce and mayonnaise to the bread according to taste.

3. Enjoy:

Banh Mi can be enjoyed with ice water, iced tea, or soft drinks.

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