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Discover the 11 most delicious street foods in Vietnam from North to South

Published March 8, 2024

Vietnam is famous for its rich and diverse cuisine, of which “street food” is an indispensable part. From simple street vendors to vibrant night markets, you can find countless attractive street foods with typical flavors of each region. This article will introduce to you the 11 most delicious street foods in Vietnam from North to South.

Reasons why you should explore Vietnamese street food

Delicious and unique flavor

Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its diversity and richness, with dishes made from fresh ingredients and typical spices. Each dish has a delicious and unique flavor, making you remember it forever.

Affordable Price

Compared to other countries in the region, the price of Vietnamese street food is quite cheap. You can enjoy delicious food at reasonable prices, suitable for every traveler’s budget.

Safe and hygienic

Safety and hygiene are top concerns in Vietnamese street food. Authorities regularly check food quality and safety in street food areas.

Suggested 10+ best street foods in Vietnam

Vietnamese street food is famous for its diversity, richness and irresistible delicious taste. Below are suggestions for 10+ most delicious street foods that you must try when coming to Vietnam:

Baguette (Bánh mì)

Baguette is a popular street food that everyone of us has probably enjoyed. Vietnamese baguette is varied by combining with many foods such as pate, sausage, eggs, rolls, and adding fresh vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots. The combination between the filling and the crispy, fragrant grilled crust, accompanied by a little chili sauce and tomato sauce, it will definitely leave an unforgettable aftertaste for diners.

Bánh mì

Spring Rolls/Pork Sausage Roll (Gỏi cuốn/chả giò)

Spring rolls are a favorite street food because of their refreshing taste and good health. Spring roll is made from rice paper rolls with fresh vegetables and boiled pork, dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce. Pork sausages rolls are a dish made from minced meat, mushrooms, vermicelli, etc. rolled in rice paper and fried to a crispy golden brown.

Coffee, iced tea (Cà phê, trà đá)

Vietnamese coffee has a rich, strong flavor, brewed with a traditional filter. Iced tea is a cool, refreshing drink on hot days. Both of these drinks are loved by Vietnamese people and are often enjoyed at any time of the day.

Noodle (Phở)

Noodle is a traditional Vietnamese dish, appearing all over the streets and eateries on the road. Simple but delicious, pho only needs broth, soft and smooth noodles, and a few pieces of thinly sliced beef or chicken, accompanied by fresh herbs to create a delicious bowl of pho.

However, to get rich flavor, the broth needs to be cooked and spices adjusted meticulously. The deliciousness of this dish depends on the quality of the broth, the softness of the noodles and the crispiness of each piece of meat. Pho has become a popular dish, delicious, nutritious, affordable and loved.

Not just a street food, pho today is also a typical culinary symbol that brings Vietnamese characteristics to the world. It helps build Vietnam’s reputation in the culinary field and becomes an indispensable part of the international culinary map.

BBQ Pork Noodle with Fried Spring Roll (Bún nem thịt nướng)

Sự kết hợp hài hòa giữa bún, nem nướng thơm lừng, thịt nướng đậm đà và nước chấm chua ngọt. Bún nem thịt nướng là món ăn được yêu thích bởi hương vị thanh mát và dễ ăn.

Mixed rice paper, grilled rice paper (Bánh tráng trộn, bánh tráng nướng)

A familiar snack of Vietnamese youth with a combination of rice paper, vegetables, quail eggs, dried beef and special sauce. Mixed rice paper has a sour, spicy, salty, sweet taste, stimulating the taste buds. Grilled rice paper is crispy and fragrant with the smell of onion fat and sauce.

Popiah (Bò bía)

Bo Bia is a specialty dish of the Tieu people in Saigon. Rice paper rolls filled with pork, quail eggs, char siu, vegetables… dipped in soy sauce mixed with minced chili to create a delicious flavor.

Banh Xeo, a street snack, is very popular. Considered the Vietnamese version of crepe, banh xeo is the perfect combination of crispy crust and filling including meat, shrimp, bean sprouts and herbs.

The crust is made from flour combined with egg yolks, while the filling usually includes pork, wood ear mushrooms, shrimp and bean sprouts. The aroma of the crust combined with the rich flavor of the filling will definitely leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of diners. The cake’s signature dipping sauce has a rich flavor, prepared according to a separate recipe to ensure deliciousness and not cause boredom.

Sweet Soup (Chè)

Sweet soup is a popular dessert in Vietnam with many different types of sweet soup such as green bean sweet soup, grapefruit sweet soup, taro sweet soup… Sweet and cool sweet taste, helps to cool down well.

Vietnamese indigenous salad (Nộm)

Vietnamese-style salad with a combination of vegetables, pig ears, dried beef and sweet and sour fish sauce. The salad has a sour, spicy, salty, sweet taste, is crispy and refreshing.

Sticky rice (Xôi)

Sticky Rice is a delicious Vietnamese street food not to be missed. Sticky rice is made from glutinous rice, combined with flavorful green beans and crispy fried onions. Additionally, sticky rice is seasoned with various ingredients such as shredded chicken, sausage, fried eggs,… to cater to individual tastes.

Sticky rice is more than just a side dish or snack; it can also serve as a main course, particularly suitable for a quick, delightful, and nourishing breakfast. On chilly winter days, relishing a handful of piping hot sticky rice offers a delightful experience.

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